As an avid notetaker (perhaps just a bit too enthusiastic) in my university course of Pharmacy, I thought it would be good to make all my laboriously written notes available on the internet. Even if no one chances upon this, I can at least direct juniors / people I know to this page to retrieve them.

Most of my notes are on pen and paper, and are not yet digitalized. I suppose I’ll push them out here slowly when I find the time to scan them in. But for now, I have some digital notes first.

*There are definitely errors in my notes here and there. Use with your own judgement and caution!

Miscellaneous – very haphazard
Categorizing antibiotics

Medicinal Chemistry
MedChem cheatsheet (for ants)

Dosage Form Design
PIC/SGFI, Summarized information on various processing technology (PR4106)

Pharmacy Law (Only relevant for SG)
Drug Laws Overview
Health Products Act
Medicines Act + Medicines Act (clarifications)
Medicines (Advertisement and Sales) Act
Misuse of Drugs Act
Poisons Act

Sale of Drugs Act
Pharmacist Registration Act
Code of Ethics 

URTI: Sinusitis, Pharyngitis, Pneumonia

Research Methodology
Health Economics